Technical and Nontechnical Paper Competions

The Technical and Nontechnical Paper presentations will take place throughout the day on Friday, April 6th in the Ponderosa and Alpine rooms on the second  floor of the Civic Center. Below is a floorplan of the second level with the Ponderosa and Alpine rooms circled in red.
Civic Center Upper Level Floorplan

Competition Specifics

The Technical and Nontechnical Paper Competitions consist of a 2000 word (maximum) paper to be submitted prior to conference along with a 5 minute presentation to be delivered on the weekend of the competition. The scoring sheet for both papers and presentations is posted at the bottom of the page.
Note: papers must be submitted by March 1, 2018, to [email protected] 

Technical Paper
The topic of this year’s technical paper will be left to each individual school. However, the paper should focus on a technical issue that has relevance to the Civil Engineering field of study. For example, students may write about research that their school is currently conducting or will be conducting in the future. The rubric used for this paper and presentation is on the next page.  topics are open to each team, however it should relate to Civil Engineering.

Nontechnical Paper
For the Nontechnical Paper, each team will be following the same topic. We will be following the Daniel W. Mead paper topic and rules, linked below. 

Note: to be eligible for the national Daniel W. Mead prize, students must submit their papers separately to
ASCE Nationals

Nontechnical Paper Topic